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our roarin' twenties


mackenzi and alex

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meet kenzi and alex, two best friends turned roommates turned all-around together life survivers. we're just sitting down and have authentic and transparent chats about how to survive when you're in your twenties in the twenty-first century. it might not always be pretty, but it will always be honest!

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makeshift by mackenzi 

a weekly newsletter curated
by me (mackenzi)

grom fashion to public relations,

from gen z to millennials:

this weekly newsletter would feature a curated list of top headlines in a variety of categories including:


  • public relations

  • agency life

  • digital marketing

  • fashion trends

  • college/young 20s life
  • ... who knows?

let me know if you're interested by emailing me "I'm IN for makeshift" at the button to the right. 

if I get enough interest, I'll get this project rolling as soon as possible!

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