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History Repeating Itself: Comparing Princess Diana and Meghan Markle

On March 7, Oprah aired an interview that rippled across the world on CBS Primetime.

The special, which was over an hour-long, was full of new revelations relevant to not only the royal family but also to the UK press.

But one of the largest headlines the day of the special’s airing was on Prince Harry’s comment: “My biggest fear was history repeating itself.” He was, of course, talking about his own mother’s experience as a member of the British Monarchy.

Now, just how many similarities are there between the stories of Princess Diana and Meghan Markle? Let’s find out.

Photo by Obi Onyeador via Unsplash

Markle’s tell-all interview was starkly different from Diana’s in many surface-level ways, but too many parallels can be drawn between the content of each. Both interviews were all-in, authentic interviews, with no topic off-limits. Somehow, even 26 years later, each interview showed the same trends.

Let's break it down...



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