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My Article in PR Daily

"6 ways the student-run agency prepares future PR pros"

The director of public relations for TCU’s student-led Roxo Agency shares how the experience is preparing her and her peers for a dynamic career.

After more than a year with Roxo Agency at Texas Christian University, I have never been more excited for post-graduation life. The agency lifestyle can big adjustment, but the lessons I’ve drawn from my time at Roxo have prepared me better than any classroom or lecture could.


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I'm Mackenzi Abbott, born and raised in Texas, waiting for the day she could break out into the city. I love to read, and this sparked a love for writing when I was young. Creative work has always fulfilled my needs for self-expression.

I've never found a true personal outlet for my love of reading and writing, and that's where I decided to write on this blog.

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