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My Senior Year Bucketlist

Senior year. Nostalgia is kicking in, and walks around campus are starting to be tinged with sadness. Game days are fueled by a need to do as much as I can. A certain restlessness makes class feel unnecessary, and work on my resume/portfolio feel hyper-important. Ahhh yes, the symptoms of... Senioritis.

Well, if I'm going to leave this year, I'm going to make this year the best one possible. Follow along below to see my senior year bucket list.

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I'm Mackenzi Abbott, born and raised in Texas, waiting for the day she could break out into the city. I love to read, and this sparked a love for writing when I was young. Creative work has always fulfilled my needs for self-expression.

I've never found a true personal outlet for my love of reading and writing, and that's where I decided to write on this blog.

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