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The Key to Fixing Our Closets

The key to what basics you need in your closet.

Alright, we've all been there: totally uninspired by our closet, screaming "I have nothing to wear" surrounded by a sizable pile of discarded clothes.

Well in a fit of unnecessary organization inspiration (you know the type), I have listed out exactly what I need in my closet to allow me to be inspired by options and fashion every day. I'm planning to share that list with you below. Now, it's in no way binding, and you should make edits as you see fit (based on your lifestyle, preferences, etc).


Let's get into it:

1. The Basic Tee

This key piece is foundational to any closet. The layering possibilities and all-around versatility of this garment is ideal. Now, with a basic tee, I typically lean towards a neutral color with a comfortable shape and material. I recommend a cotton shirt in black and/or white. For a little extra detail, get one with a "frocket". And, for a little bonus for the planet, I've selected options below that are from notably sustainable brands / lines.

2. The Straight Jean

Denim is often the most important part of any casual look. Owning a pair of straight-leg, simple denim jeans is essential. Whether paired with a tee or a blouse, a sneaker or a platform heel, you can easily dress up any pair of basic jeans.

I personally love the fit and length of a high-waisted Perfect Vintage jean from Madewell. Always my favorite denim. Worth the investment for how long jeans can last and how often you'll wear them.

3. The Oversized Blazer

Layering can be a really easy way to elevate an otherwise boring outfit. Adding an oversized blazer will take a tee and jeans to business casual, plus it's a sophisticated option for keeping warm. A word of warning: don't upsize to get an oversized blazer, find one that is meant to be oversized. That way the shoulder seams and sleeve length is closer to what fits you.

4. The Turtleneck

For the warmer months, a turtleneck can stand in as the basic tee. Layering a neutral turtleneck under a blazer or other jacket can elevate a look in warmth and polish.

Again, I recommend getting a couple different colors, depending on your favorite neutrals.

5. The Basic Tank

Just like the basic tee and turtleneck, a tank is also key to layering, especially during the warmer months. Paired with denim shorts, leggings, or jeans, and you have the perfect summer 'fit!

6. The Bodysuit

I know you know the feeling: you're wearing a great 'fit, but your shirt keeps coming untucked and ruins the look. Bodysuits fix that! Not only that, but they're great for layering, and they come in all kinds of styles. From a button-up to a ribbed tank, you've definitely got to own one or two bodysuits.

7. The Black Boot

Black boots go with everything. The elevate a tee and jeans, and make a little floral dress more casual. A necessary, staple shoe for any closet.

8. The Nude Heel

What do you wear to a girls night out? What do you wear to that job interview? In a shocking turn of events, this can be the same shoe! Whether a strappy pump or a slip-on mule, a nude heel can go with so many looks!

9. The Trouser

A good pair of trousers can be the foundation to a professional or casual look, it's all dependent on the paired top. A simple black trouser is essential, but I encourage you to get a colorful or statement pair as well! Why not let the pants pop for once?

10. The Black Belt

A black belt is good for more than holding up your pants. It successfully breaks up the top from the bottom if necessary, or adds another touch of detail to an outfit. You cannot go wrong with a simple black belt-- but just remember to match your shoes to your belt!

11. The LBD

Who doesn't want to go out on a Friday night in a gorgeous little black dress with all your friends to dance around the club? There are many options in style, but the most important is that you feel beautiful and confident! From a body-con to a simple layering dress, feel free to style as you want!

12. The Layering Jewelry

Layering necklaces and bracelets is a fun way to add sparkle to a fit, and also make even a hoodie and jean look intentional and stylish. I encourage anyone to have silver and gold, to spice it up with every outfit.

13. The Simple Dress

A simple dress can serve many purposes. To layer, you can add a denim jacket or a blazer to style it up or down. Add a heel, a boot, or a sneaker. So many looks with one simple garment.

14. The Statement Piece

Okay, this is the fun one. You know that animal print dress you love, or that sequin dress you're saving for New Year's? You have to have a piece that embodies your personality, your free spirit. Save it for special occasions and shine!

15. The Cold Weather Jacket

You have to be prepared for the colder months, even if you live in Texas. To prepare, it's good to have a jacket and a coat. A jacket should be simple, able to be put with many different outfits. A longer coat is great for those really cold days, and should also be a little neutral. If you're going to double up on either, feel free to get more colorful and printed with these!

My Quick Steps for "Cleaning Out":

  • Choose a color palette

  • Make sure most pieces fall into a "longevity" category and can be worn long term

  • Pull out all my clothes from the closet

  • Go through pieces "Marie Kondo" style

  • Place pieces I'm keeping back into my closet

  • Create a list of what I need or want to replace

  • When purchasing new items, make sure they're sustainable (like H&M's conscious line)

  • Sell or donate what I'm not keeping

Now, go on, go through your closet. Clean out that t-shirt from high school, and buy yourself a new LBD if you don't have one. I can't wait to see the result!



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