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Clubhouse: The Disruption that Social Media Needed

Breaking down how Clubhouse is changing social media forever, in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

downloading the clubhouse app

Need an invite on Clubhouse? I’ve got you, since I managed to collect 5 extra with the time I spent on the app “researching.”

Don’t know what Clubhouse is? Imagine live podcasting with an interactive audience. Now think of any topic you can imagine.

Clubhouse Disruptions

“My only tip? Social Media Managers: I know you just caught onto Tik Tok and Reels, but you might want to make room for Clubhouse. Keep it REAL. Keep talking. Keep up."

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I'm Mackenzi Abbott, born and raised in Texas, waiting for the day she could break out into the city. I love to read, and this sparked a love for writing when I was young. Creative work has always fulfilled my needs for self-expression.

I've never found a true personal outlet for my love of reading and writing, and that's where I decided to write on this blog.

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